Exploring the Best Towns to Live in Tenerife

Exploring the Best Towns to Live in Tenerife

Exploring the Best Towns to Live in Tenerife: A Slice of Paradise in the Canary Islands


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, the island is known for its diverse natural wealth, warm climate and vibrant culture. With an abundance of historic towns and fishing villages, each with its own unique character, choosing the best place to live in Tenerife can be an adventurous but challenging task. This article aims to highlight several residential towns on the island, considering various factors such as quality of life, amenities, natural beauty and cultural offerings. These are residential cities with regard to long-term living.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island and offers a bustling cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is located on the northeast coast with the island's largest port. This vibrant city boasts a rich historical heritage, lively festivals and a thriving arts scene. The second largest carnival in the world is held here every year. You can also find a large yellow-sand Las Teresitas beach not far from the center of city by car. 

With modern infrastructure, quality medical facilities, educational institutions and a wide range of entertainment options, Santa Cruz is an ideal choice for those looking for an urban way of life in Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a picturesque town located in the north of the island that exudes a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Formerly the capital, it is known for its charming historic center, beautiful botanical gardens and the iconic Lago Martianez, offering a more traditional and peaceful way of life. You will also find the very famous Loro Parque ZOO, which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. 

Its pleasant and slightly rainier climate throughout the year, stunning beaches and a well-developed tourism industry make it an attractive place for retirees and those looking for a slower pace of life.


A town situated on the south-west coast of Tenerife, Adeje is known for its luxury resorts on its stunning coastline and sunny weather all year round. This city perfectly combines natural beauty with modern amenities, offering a high standard of living and plenty of sports activities. 

Its center offers a perfect refuge for families with children, providing medical and educational facilities. Residents of Adeje can look forward to a world-class golf course, vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping and dining options. Additionally, the city's proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Siam Park and Aqualand makes it an ideal choice for families.

La Laguna

La Laguna is a historic town located in the northeast of Tenerife, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This picturesque historic city is known for its well-preserved architecture, cobbled streets and vibrant cultural scene. 

La Laguna is home to the University of La Laguna, making it a center of education and intellect. With its bohemian atmosphere, cultural festivals and proximity to nature, La Laguna appeals to artists, students and history buffs. The city is suitable for the life of retirees as well as students.


Arona is a district and lively city located in the southern part of Tenerife, Canary Islands. This charming city boasts a combination of traditional Spanish culture and modern amenities. With its stunning coastal areas, including popular tourist destinations such as Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, Arona attracts visitors from all over the world, the town center itself is very peaceful, ideal for long-term residents.

Arona offers a variety of restaurants serving delicious Canarian cuisine. One of Arona's distinctive features is its commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, which is evident in its historic buildings and traditional festivals. With a pleasant climate all year round and a combination of urban excitement and natural beauty, Arona is a great place to explore and experience the vibrant spirit of Tenerife.


Tenerife offers a wide range of attractive towns, each with its own character and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a lively big-city vibe, a laid-back coastal lifestyle, or a city rich in history and culture, Tenerife has a lot to offer. From the bustling streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the tranquility of Puerto de la Cruz, the luxury of Adeje, the glamor of La Laguna or the peaceful Aron, this island truly provides a piece of paradise for those looking for a long-term and peaceful place to live in Tenerife.