Is it worth buying an apartment in Tenerife to rent ?

Is it worth buying an apartment in Tenerife to rent ?

Is it worth buying an apartment in Tenerife to rent ?

What will you learn in this article?

  • Short term rentals on tenerife

  • Long term rentals on tenerife

  • Important contacts

  • Important prices


I am very pleasantly surprised how many people have understood that investing in real estate, outside their home, is both profitable and realistic.
I meet daily with clients who rent apartments, villas in Tenerife.  Most of the clients, thinking about the future of their children, but even in their old age, when they have more time, they enjoy renovating their properties abroad, which fulfills them and they combine this activity with relaxation by the sea.

How much can an apartment in Tenerife be rented for ?

this is a very simple question but a basic one when investing in real estate in Tenerife. 

Short term rentals :

There are many online platforms specialized in short-term rentals, such as Airbnb,, Vrbo (formerly HomeAway), Expedia and others. Choose the platform that suits you best and create an account on it.
In order to stay on top of realistic prices, we recommend short term rentals:  Click - Short term rentals list
 Where rentals range from 70€ - 150€ per night.

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Long-term rentals:

If you are looking for a rental in Tenerife, there are several options to find a suitable deal:

  1. Estate agencies : Local estate agencies offer a wide range of properties for rent, including flats, houses and apartments. Contacting agencies can help you find a property to suit your requirements.

  2. Online real estate platforms. These websites allow you to browse listings and filter properties according to your preferences.

  3. Advertisements in newspapers and on the internet: some local newspapers and classified websites may contain offers for rental properties including apartments in Tenerife. Here you can find advertisements from private landlords.

  4. Social networks and groups: You can join local groups and communities on social networks where people often share property rental offers. These groups can be a useful resource for finding an apartment to rent, such as Facebook.

  5. Some travel agencies or companies specialising in travel services may offer properties to rent for holidays in Tenerife. Rental prices in Tenerife for a month range from 700€- 1600€.


Investing in real estate has always paid off. Enjoy.